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Hidden miner.

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:38 am
by Prometherion

Telegram: @prometherion_en

Hi everyone! Here is my contribution in development of hidden mining sector: my CPU installator.

It has three versions:

-standard installation;
-minimum CPU requirement: 2 cores/2 HT-threads;

-can be removed in two clicks. The only difference of Lite version is the ability of quick and simple uninstall, if necessary (this version oriented on system administrators). It`s good to remember that Lite version does not have self defense functions and can be simply removed by advanced users.;
-minimum CPU requirement: 2 cores/2 HT-threads;

-Installator is made for setup/remove with domain group politics;
-It does not have Competition rivalry feature;
-25% of CPU is working for you;

Versions compare table

System requirements:


Set up:

1. Add antivirus sofware exceptions to folders (with subfolders) C:\Users and C:\Windows
2. Copy installator to Desktop.
3. Run installator by doublecklicking it (agree with UAC prompt, if it required) and wait for "Setup Complete!" window.

If it is a one-core-PC miner will be not setted up and you will get error message "Minimum 2-core CPU Required!".
If PC has GPU version installed, than CPU version would be not installed and you will get error message "GPU-version is already present!"

Set up Enterprise version:

1. Add antivirus sofware exceptions to folders (with subfolders) C:\Users and C:\Windows\dservice;
2. Run install.exe;
3. Remove folder C:\Users from antivirus sofware exception (optoinal).

Removing Lite-version:

1. Run clear.exe.
In 30 seconds PC will be cleared from miner and rebooted.

Removing Enterprise-version:

1. Run clear.exe.
PC will be cleared in a minure after next OS start.

Patch for Full-version:

For “hot” changing of mining parameters for Full-version (pool address, port, worker name) was developed patch-modificator .
Path is not dynamic (does not previous orderly). In need to change mining parameters you tell me new input data (pool address, port, worker name), based on it we will create patch and send it to You.
Patch is free, but we make it for people who are already ordered installator.

Ordering installator:

Send me a letter on or Telegram (contacts in signature are for russian speaking users) following data:
1. Inatallator version (Full, Lite or Enterprise);
2. Main pool (if it is not Minergate, than in format stratum+tcp://adress:port);
3. Wanted coin for mining;
4. Login of worker (for MinerGate it is the same – email used for registration. For other pools - wallet adsesses for each coin you want to mine).

Please there is no need in posting this information (especially Minergate login) in this thread. For Minergete users, before contacting me, turn on 2fa, to exclude suspecting of hacking/stealing your money.

Referral program.

Those who want to share Installator with third person efforts there is a referral program, wich was good self recommended on testing stage.
For more details you can contact me via email.

You can ask any questions in this thread on via email. I’ll try to answer them.


Q: Is installator encrypted? Does it detected by antivirus?
A: Installator is not encrypted and, probably, will stay unencrypted. Installator is detecting and removing by antivirus software. If you need encryption or you can make it, I can send compilled for you original modules. In this case you will need to encrypt 10 files. For working of encrypted installator I am not responsible.

Q: Can you make installator without “setup complete/incomplete” window?
A: Yes, but you must remember that antivirus detects installator and installed software.

Q: Can I share installator with download method or with traffic redirection method?
A: Due to vulnerability of installator to Antivirus software this sahring is senseless.

Q: Do you make encrypt or join installator with other files? Can you recommend someone who makes encryption or joining installato with othe files? How I can share installator?
A: We don’t offer any other services except insatallator itself, help with proxy server set up (if necessary). We don’t have contacts of people who can make join/encrypt. We don’t have schemes of sharing product. All responsibility for sharing of installator is yours.

Q: Does Installed software work with 1 cores PC? I have lots of them.
A: No.

Q: I`ve got an archive with installator and I got error message “archive is corrupted” when I`m trying to open it.
A: Archives have RAR5 format. Getting this error means that you use old version of WinRAR. Please update it.

Q: What is the archive`s password.
A: 1234.

Q: I have installed full version by mistake. How can I uninstall it?
A: You can try to scan the system with antivirus software, but we didn’t make any researches, so we can’t give warranties in success of this method. Tha best solution is to reinstall operation system. If you need a requirement to uninstall installed software – use Lite version.

Q: Can I mine Etherium, Etherium Classic or ZCash?
A: No. Algorithms of these coins does not supported by our miner. And minig this cions on CPUs is implactical.

Q: Where can I download Installator?
A: Installator is unique for every customer. I send it after compilation. To make it we need following data:
1. Inatallator version (Full или Lite);
2. Main pool (if it is not Minergate, than in format stratum+tcp://adress:port);
3. Wanted coin for mining;
4. Login of worker (for MinerGate it is the same – email used for registration).

Q: How much does it costs?
A: Installator is free. But pars or CPU is used for mining to our account. The scheme is::
On PC 2 - 16 cores: we use one core, you use ½ of CPU;
On PC more than 16 cores: we use 4 cores, you use ½ of CPU.
CPU 4 cores you use 2 cores , we – 1;
CPU 8 cores you use 4 cores, we - 1;
CPU 12 cores you use 6 cores, we – 1;
CPU 16 cores you use 8 cores, we – 4;
CPU 32 cores you use 16 cores, we – 4;
CPU 128 cores you use 64 cores, we – 4.

Q: What is the difference between Full, Lite and Enterprise versions?
A: Difference is in the mechanism of work. For details see Compare table.

Q: Antivirus deleted my installator. Why?
A: Antivirus software detects all mining software as viruses. You must remember that.

Q: How much does costs installator that would not be able working on you (developer)? Only for me (customer).
A: We don’t have such option. We don't sell anything. Installator shares as is.

Q: What is the probable profit from 100/1000/100500 PCs per day/month/year?
A:Profit is absolutely different and unpredictable. Quantity of PCs is not the main parameter in this caes. For forecasting you must understand what kind of PCs you will use. Would it be 100 4-cores-Atom-CPU PCs or 100 128-cores-blade-systems. Besides for making such calculations all PCs must be always OnLine.



Re: Hidden miner.

Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 10:26 am
by Prometherion
Updated top post: Added Enterprise version.

Re: Hidden miner.

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:21 am
by Prometherion
Important information!

Due to hardfork of Monero and some other coins, please, comtact me with following information:

1. Inatallator version (Full или Lite);
2. Main pool (if it is not Minergate, than in format stratum+tcp://adress:port);
3. CNL-pool (if it is not Minergate, than in format stratum+tcp://adress:port);
4. Wanted coins for mining: main and CNL (XMR and AEON, for example);
5. Logins of main and CNL workers (for MinerGate it is the same – email used for registration).

Users of Full version will get new version with all updates and hotfix patch for already installed miners.

Users of Lite- and Enterprise-versions will get the nwe versions of these products. Be shure that yoiu removed the previous versions before installing the new ones.

We make our best for your successfull mining.

Re: Hidden miner.

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:41 am
by Prometherion
Updated Installator and the descriptions in post.

Re: Hidden miner.

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 6:17 pm
by Camejoroj
Thank you very very much!
I already request you via email.