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eth not mining with both of my GPUS

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eth not mining with both of my GPUS

Postby II12yanII » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:45 am

so when i open up minergate it detects i have 2 gpus. when i click mine ETH it says loading dag 2 of 2 gpu. but when its done and starts to mine it says 1 of 2 gpu. i have tried maxing out the intensity with the cogwheel and it will go right back to only 1 gpu. does this software not use 2 gpus or something? if not how do i get my second gpu to run?
system specs are
ryzen 7 1700
32gigs of ram
7970ghz and a r9 280x both 3 gig cards
corsair hx 1050 watt psu

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