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Is Claymore's GPU connect to MinerGate or what?

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Is Claymore's GPU connect to MinerGate or what?

Postby BUTTSAUS » Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:17 am

First time MinerGate miner, long time CryptoTrader.
Purely setting this up to 'play' at this stage - not really fussed about ROI just yet. All help greatly appreciated.

Running Win7. AMD Card.
I can only seem to get the 'Claymore CryptoNote GPU Miner v9.3 Beta - POOL' miner to run if the Pool.txt has just the following line in it:
stratum+tcp://bcn.pool.minergate.com:45550 -u MinerGateEMAIL -p PASSWORD

As opposed to the recommended settings here: (Am I confusing these with CMD prompts?)
NsGpuCNMiner64 -o stratum+tcp://bcn.pool.minergate.com:45550 -u MinerGateEMAIL -p PASSWORD

Question is... it actually mining and being attributed to my account??
I don't see it showing up as a connected worker, anywhere.
I can see i'm getting jobs.. and its running at 650h/s

Log Snapshot:

21:51:13:985 c5c
21:51:13:985 c5c º Claymore CryptoNote GPU Miner v9.3 Beta º
21:51:14:245 c5c
Cards available: 1
21:51:14:245 c5c GPU #0: name: Hawaii, 4096 MB available, 40 units
21:51:14:245 c5c Total cards: 1
21:51:14:245 c5c Initializing...

21:51:14:245 c5c GPU #0 recognized as Radeon 290
21:51:14:245 c5c card 0, m1 4096, m2 2880 w 320
21:51:14:246 c5c 0 m = 2
21:51:14:246 c5c GPU #0: HashCnt = 1280
21:51:14:246 c5c POOL version
21:51:14:246 c5c b135
21:51:14:851 c5c GPU #0: -a 1 mode selected
21:51:14:863 c5c 1 pool specified.
21:51:14:863 c5c Press "m" key for tune mode.
21:51:15:029 980 Stratum - connecting to 'bcn.pool.minergate.com' <> port 45550
21:51:15:030 114c Stratum - connecting to 'bcn.pool.minergate.com' <> port 45550
21:51:15:346 980 Stratum - Connected
21:51:15:349 114c Stratum - Connected
21:51:15:663 980 got 362 bytes

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Re: Is Claymore's GPU connect to MinerGate or what?

Postby fonoi » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:45 pm

I am interested in this too, as I used Guiminer and the same thing happened. I get work, but do not see a connected worker and the shares dont increase.

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Re: Is Claymore's GPU connect to MinerGate or what?

Postby Dossis » Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:28 am

Use older version of Claymore.

Can't remember which version mine other computer is using but something like one or two versions earlier. Newest don't seem to work correctly with Minergate for me atleast.

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