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Red Wind. Mars Colonization. Algo=CryptoNight

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Red Wind. Mars Colonization. Algo=CryptoNight

Postby a4ndr3w » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:32 pm


    For complete information please visit https://redwind.space
    Code has been revamped completely and heavily optimized;
    This is still not a final version; Need to remove lot of un necessary boilerplate code;
    Once code optimization and clean up is completed, source will be available at https://github.com/nanzee/redwind

    Hope you will enjoy this release;






    Super fast Blockchain sync
    Dedicated seed nodes [ this is temp node & will be removed soon ]
    Now you dont need to specify seed nodes with daemon; it will automatically connect to seed nodes;


    Source code has been optimized
    Console output has been formatted heavily
    Observer based transactions ( you don't need to type refresh any more )
    Super fast transactions
    Now you can use private spend and private view keys to restore your wallet
    export_keys this command will produce your private spend and view keys; store them safely; don't share these keys with anyone; whoever holds these keys they can restore the wallet and use funds;You can restore your lost wallet with secret spend key and secret view key
    outgoing_transfers command will allow you to view all you spendings in a clean format


please note that version strategy (code & binaries) is not been finalized yet, eg : prefix v2.1.2-alpha
this is not final version, pre release for community
source code linked with this release is old, it may not work;


  -> This binaries use new blockchain format, Old block chain is not compatible with these binaries;
  -> Please backup your old blockchain folder, binaries and wallet + keys files;
  -> Then open redwindd executable file from new binaries;
  -> Blockchain will be synced very fast;
  -> Once sync is completed you can use new simple wallet


  -> Open new simplewallet executable
  -> Then press 'O' key
  -> Now enter your old wallet keys file name
       eg : if your wallet file name is 'prince' you will have 'prince.keys' file
  -> Enter your old wallet password
  -> Now it will create new wallet file with .wallet extension, wait for wallet sync to be completed;
  -> Once wallet sync is completed you can use your wallet as usual and enjoy all new features;


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Posts: 24
Joined: Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:13 pm

Re: Red Wind. Mars Colonization. Algo=CryptoNight

Postby a4ndr3w » Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:18 am

We will start within 1/2 weeks the procedures to list RD in an exchanger... Have in mind that we are developing a community work, and only as community we can operate... Exchange target: stocks.exchanger

:idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:
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