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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby exobit » Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:59 am


My name is Thomas. I first head about Bitcoins, when it was completly new and still possibel to mine on CPU. But i was to stupid to not understand anything about it at that point and did unfortunately not jump on the mining wagon.

Now here some years later when mining has been very profitable and for Bitcoin almost dead, I'm starting lol, I have for my first machine connected virtual server 2008 running at around 6Ghz, currently mining for XMR. I have yet to make my first whole XMR, but it's going there.

I have been trying for a week now to get the rest of my servers up and running with a CPU miner, but unfortunately they are all running elastix/centos so i have not found any working miner yet i can use on those yet.

Thats my story

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby ajmagz009 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 2:11 am

Hello. I'm new to these mining. At first i tried different faucets just to earn coins. and its so freaking hard ! until i bump in to minergate. so far so good. with only cpu mining. i think i can get by with these old computer. and even if im not home i can still mine through my androin phone. its easy to use and highly efficient. all the coins are easy to mine and exchange to bitcoins. Great job miner gate. i will share some more of my story again soon. thanks a lot for this.
my old pc
cpu.jpg (19.9 KiB) Viewed 108699 times

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby royalecraig » Wed Jul 20, 2016 10:34 am

Not so good, I don't know what my problem is but both my Laptop and my desktop will only mine at around 10 H/s
The Laptop is a Aspire 2750 2.1Gh with 8Gb Ram
The desktop is a Dell E5300 2.3 Ghz

Both will only mine at around 10H/s ;)

Apart from that though, Minergate software is pretty easy to set up, anyone could do it, so bringing Mining to the masses.

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby john1175 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:03 am

1 h/s really? you guys need to fix that.... I was getting 64 kh/s until I installed visual C++ runtime and it just killed it.....

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby Strategos » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:28 pm

admin wrote:Hello Miners!

It's been a while since we were mining together and pushing forward new technologies of cryptocoin world. We would like to thank all of you for every share you send and every withdrawal you make.


We are sure every miner now has an interesting story.

The story can be related to the mining process or MinerGate project in general. Let's share our experience!

Today we are announcing a new activity called "Mining as a lifestyle". Submit an interesting mining story, attach some photos of your mining farms and get a chance to become famous in the mining community. The best stories will be published in our blog and the authors will be awarded 1 BTC.


Spend 60 minutes and tell us how mining changed your life.

Don't waste your time. Submit your story as a reply to this post and become the Legendary Miner with MinerGate right now!

P.S. Your computer should be mining while you are writing the story. =)

I first heard about Bitcoin way back when it was very much still in it's infancy, and not knowing enough about it, I dismissed it as a fad that would pass shortly and the tech/nerd/geeky world would move onto the next 'BIG' thing, and soon forgot about it (what a fool lol).

I was reminded about Bitcoin, when a random video was suggested to me while I was browsing YouTube in July of this year(2016), as I like to have something on in the background while I work on the PC and do various chores around the house, my YT Autoplay is always enabled, and I was soon watching videos about Ethereum, and the upcoming Hard Fork. Needless to say it sparked my interest, the fact that Bitcoin was still going, and wasn't the only thing of it's kind, I started Googling everything I could find on the subject of Crypto, and how I could get involved.

Bitcoin $650!!!!! What, how, whoa! I need to get in on this, why didn't I pay attention years ago when I first heard about it? A quick search and a few articles later I found out about Mining, and unfortunately, that mining BTC was not viable for a single person, with only a couple of gaming rigs to use, even as part of a Pool, the returns would be minimal.

The next step was to search for 'ETH Mining' the results were a bit complex for a mining newbie, but I finally managed to get all the relevant files and settings running, with GETH and Ethminer, no small feat for someone who hadn't used command line in about 15 years.

Things seemed to be working, but I wasn't fully comfortable running in Command Line, so I started searching for GUI Miners, something with a simple, but efficient layout, that I could run with minimal effort. I arrived at the MinerGate site of course, and started looking around, downloaded the GUI for Windows, ran it and started mining.

Although the GUI ran perfectly well, and I haven't had any real issues with it since I installed it 6 weeks or so ago, I was amazed at how many different coins it allowed me to mine(this then took me to signing up with Poloniex, so I could start looking at the trading aspect, and potential value of my mined coins).

My main rig runs a i7 4790k (currently OC to 4.6Mhz) and a GTX 770, my ETH and ETC mining was around 3.5 to 6Mh/s, not the greatest speeds, but pretty good for a start, and then I saw there was a build of MinerGate for Ubuntu, which claimed to increase mining speed on both ETH and ETC by about 60%. Well, i've never tried Ubuntu, don't even know where to start 'Google to the rescue again!' Within 2 hours, I had created a partition on my 2nd HDD, installed Ubuntu, set up my fan controls and NVidia control panel to monitor temps and such, installed MinerGate again and my hashing speed had tripled!!! Seriously, I was now hashing at around 16-17Mh/s.

I've now spent around 6-7 happy weeks, mining on and off with MinerGate, the GUI works as expected, and the chat is (usually) friendly, the Mods and Janika are always willing to help as much as they can, and i've even managed to turn some of my mined coins, into a nice little profit on Poloniex (bought up some XMR at the right time :) )

My next step is to replace the GTX 770 in my main PC with a RX480 8GB, and I'll be sure to report back in the coming months with an update on how my MingerGate experience is going.

'Mining as a Lifestyle' - Not yet, but with MinerGates fantastic GUI and helpful Mods and Support, maybe one day in the near future :)

***I'll take some screens soon and add them to the post***

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby wishxy » Wed Dec 14, 2016 4:27 am

I've just lost today all of my Monero and Aeon coins, they've just disappeared from my account to the hacker wallets. I didn't even have Aeon address. Later I find that transactions in history withdraw to addresses unknown to me.
It was just a few dollars but be aware and protect yourself with 2FA protection.

Beside that I find a big failure omission of withdraw email confirmation of transactions and password unprotected crypto wallet addresses.

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby ron2yee » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:20 pm

Alright Lemme make this Shirt and simple.

Basically i learnt about bitcoins from movies and stuffs . That got me really interested . I asked my best friend about bitcoins , he came up with more than 1 million hits , i am talking about "Google" he's smart knows everything ;) . Alright back to the topic , i learned a lot of stuffs , Faucets that's the first thing that came to my attention , but clicking on ads and completing surveys sucked , i dug in more and came across mining. "Yes" that changed my life :) . I looked up mining and learned about Hash rates ,ASIC's , Shares , Blocks , I am no genius and all these was too much because i wanted o earn some shiny online currency for myself and that too fast. i looked up everywhere i got nothing :oops: .

Then one day i came across "Minergate" my man ! Mining took a sharp good turn for me ! It's GUI is awesome and even a dog can start mining here . So frigging Easy and simple . I had a moderate laptop and no money , Since " I am from India and not so rich" , So i started up with no investment with my laptop so all i could get was 70-80 H/S . That's too low , yes yes laugh at me , but wait ! I thought "Unity is strength" , And so i started a mining group with a few friends under my account . The hash got up to 500-600 :D . Cool right ? Now we don't do this for profit just for fun .

Today i have around 15 people working under me and i am popularising mining near my community so that India gets in the game on mining and ASIC's get manufactured over here . Yes we don't get mining hardware here in India .

So with every passing day i have more and more people working with on there laptop that stays idle all day , Currently we are mining BCN and making quite a good amount considering we use laptops :) . Yes the bitcoins we collect from minergate will go straight to the nearby orphan charity because we don't need money for ourselves and those kids could use some good cloths :) pray for us people :)

And yes i recommend minergate to every mining enthusiast .It's easy , simple and gets you coins ! plus u got cloud all in one place :) .

Thank you minergate and newbies i suggest you come mine with us . You will love it :)

cheers ! bye !

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby elrayes1980 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:20 pm

i want to learn from you please tell me how?

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby elrayes1980 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:41 am

please teel me what i can do to do same u?

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby elrayes1980 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:42 am

[how can I get it vps please tell me?

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby elrayes1980 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:54 am

Hi guys I started mining in minergat since 4 dayes by my PS is 2core but I don't given good hash after that I go to get some vps free and now I get this amount. 0.00095809 BTC since just 4 days thanks miner gat we are trust you

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Re: Share your mining experience

Postby elrayes1980 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 4:12 am

My address is
Thanks minergat for your service.

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