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Re: Suggest your ideas for chat improvements!

Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2017 9:03 am
by chassity80
User "y5jh5ku51" who is trolling French chat is unbannable, no e-mail shows up and according to chat user doesn't exist.

MODS need IP ban as from to time there is a troll that creates new accounts one after another, IP ban would make it much slower.

Also would love to see an option for mods to pin a message on chat, as sometimes there is a situation where all day we answer one question ;)

The most common question is about unconfirmed balance and withdrawal thresholds, would be nice to see this somewhere in the dashboard:

Each Currency here confirms after a certain amount is mined. (DSH:0.1), (BCN:20), (FCN, QCN, XDN, MCN:1), (ETH,ETC,ZEC:0.001), (AEON,XMR:0.005)
Min Amount Withdrawn (BCN: 100)(XDN: 1)(XMR: 0.1)(LTC,BTC,AEON,FCN,DSH,QZN,MCN: 0.01)(ETH,ETC: 0.001)(ZEC: 0.0001)

oh and last thing, when chat lags users smash "enter" and we get flooded, would be nice if chat had couple additional lines of code to prevent that regardless of the lags ;) like: compare last message with the current, if same - don't post and display message (to the user only) "don't spam" or something like that.

Great job so far on the chat !

Here's another user that email doesn't show up, probably unbannable too but it's a good user: "m7md_s.s.a"
Another: "giamenagiasena"
and again: "grkstyla", "ripplexrpzg"

Another thing, the chat gets lags when not flushed for longer time, I think the chat history should have some limit.


I found out why we can't ban those accounts (I think), will send in PM.


Moderators need an option to delete all messages made by user, right now we have only Flush and manual delete.
It would help cleaning chat made by one spammer on all the chats.

Re: Suggest your ideas for chat improvements!

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 4:28 am
by damogets
Not an admin, but for automatic IP banning, might be useful. I've used OSSEC for a long time, and while running an online BBS recently, and it's always done well for me.